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Delivery Terms

Ireland Boosters aims at providing fast and timely delivery to its customers which is why we choose to cooperate with the most trustworthy and customer-friendly carriers who are willing to offer high standard shipping services for affordable prices.
The current carriers that partner with Ireland Boosters are DHL, TNT, Fed Ex and Royal Mail. To make the delivery period shorter, the products are shipped from UK manufacturing facility.
From the moment the product gets shipped out the customers will have the possibility to track their package and have their product delivered within 3 to 5 business days, unless there are specific locations to deliver to which will take up 12-15 business days.
Products that are ordered before 09:00 AM Irish Standard Time (UTC+01) will be shipped out in the same day. The delivery fee of the package is included in the price.
In case the product is damaged, the client must open a case with the carrier companies like FedEx and DHL.

As the product gets shipped out, our company does not fully have control in the shipment process, however it is still possible for the customers to track the package using a tracing number provided by our company. All the delivery procedures are completed according to the international standards and Ireland Boosters constantly monitors and updates on possible delivery delays or issues regarding international transit. In case our customers would like to return the product for specific reasons, they will be free of export fee charge. More information on regulations can be found here.
The delivery speed can also depend on the cooperation between the bank of the buyer and the company. If the cooperation is mutually agreed on, the product delivery will be relatively faster and the product will be shipped out as soon as the payment is confirmed.